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The Southold Town Democratic Committee is your most direct and local connection to the Democratic Party.

The Committee is responsible for connecting with local Democrats, recruiting Democratic candidates for Southold Town offices, raising funds, and building and representing the party in this town.

Southold Town has 19 election districts (EDs), and each election district has 2 Committee spots. Committee-members carry petitions to collect signatures to get Democratic candidates on the ballot, as well as to get elected to their roles as representatives of the town committee. If you’d like to know who your committee representatives (or “ED leaders”) are, please reach out to us and we can connect you directly to them!

2019 is a Southold Town election year. We will be looking to build on our recent successes to win town board seats and other important roles within local government. But we need your help to do it.

Please - consider making a donation to the party, reach out to us to volunteer, attend our upcoming events, and share info about the party with your neighbors to ensure citizens are registered, informed and engaged in our electoral process.

Thank you!


Kathryn Casey Quigley
Chairwoman, Southold Town Democratic Committee