Elizabeth Peeples

Southold Town Trustee

Elizabeth Peeples is an Oyster Farmer based in Southold Town with a background in Interior Design. As a child growing up in North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland, she gravitated towards building with Legos which evolved into a comprehensive career in the residential world of Interior Design and Architecture in New York City. During her time in the city surrounded by water, yet not in direct touch with nature, it became clear that something needed to change. Fast forward to 2018, Elizabeth and her wife Stefanie moved out to Southold to become Owners and Farmers of Little Ram Oyster Co. and raise their baby Finn. This life change offered the chance to pursue a career as a shellfish farmer with a direct impact on improving water quality and providing access to our important local food sources. While continuing to plant roots out on the North Fork, Elizabeth welcomes the opportunity to benefit her community and surrounding environment in a diverse number of ways.